Neglected Time

A porterage will have to be found
Caring arms, safe edges
Where to lean on the burden of these years spent staggering
From one dream to an other
From one withdrawal to an other
From one other's shade to some stranger

All this time spent
Believing in the effects of anamnesia
In the laborious revelations of the digging

Will have to be evaluated without getting mislaid
Indebted to my life, I am

Dismayed by its drifts

Will have to be found under the layers of clay
The firmness of a meaning lost for the time being
Found the enlightenment of the shores
After the dense darkness of vanities
It will start from the countdown
Get out from the necessity of accountability

This time sensitive as the blade of a dagger
Driven in between the shoulders that I turn against before
Lost, this time dedicated to an ill tided together concord
Denied, then offensive
This defeated time of my own substance
Tormenting every minute ahead
With its past failed opportunities

July 2015