Wavering Raft

The arms clasping the knees, squatted against the lapping of the perpetual waves
 I'm staying. This is the rather trite course of this drift
I discovered along the wandering the banks of sand

The silent shades of shipwrecks under the water memory
Roaming the seas from choice to choice towards this empty raft
 As the winds go along blowing over my futures
And tearing off the foam some untouchable sparks in the distance, sometimes
No remote eye, vigilant on the shore to warn away from the meanders
The worn pupils of the sextant, the backward surges of the accounts and weighings keep me offshore
Will I learn the suspense, the agony of inertia?
May I wish the fate and I will at last entangle one another under its spicy breath
Guiding the bare craft towards some unnamed haven?
The fate jumbled up with the lingering headland
Deserting it, like an old skin of losses
Steady feet set down on a soil weeded by forgetfullness
Deserting it, the so light and heavy raft
Light from its lack of cape
Heavy from its equivocal matter

June 2015