Wear and tear

We have walked side by side
None of our steps could trace
The palms of our hands never had time to absorb our sweat
Holding each other tight was the end of an idea
We haven't press our bellies until we forget about them
We did not wear out each other enough

Both of us at the end of worlds that ignore each other
Turning our lives in enclosed lagoons
We did not get to appreciate the gravity of habituation
Neither the ease of the habits' half-asleep oblivion

We did not wear out each other enough
Each of our encounters has sprung from nowhere
The only shared space where we sat, expecting each other for years
Everything had the glow of an enlightenment

Even anger
The body encysted in our history only experienced the flight
Where could it have landed ?
There was no steadiness of the days to offer this frenzy
The weapons of its own death

For ever a draft
Without having really gravitated around the solid tracks of rituals
Without their stifling hands on our mouths, we are
The complaint of this cripple love is haunting
Almost inaudible like a sanded up body
It moans of wanting to wither
It calls for a fair disappearance
Aspires to the erasure into the drips of erosion
It moans to be finished off
But what can be annihilated when there was never enough space
For it only to dare itself ?

July 2014