The water, I loved the water in you
The one that keeps me vaguely suspicious
You were going to open up the mysteries of apneas
To the comforts of oblivion in the magnetic Ocean
I loved you diving into the impassive funds
Watching the snap of your whole body
Offered and silent, dreading in the blade
Angular fiancé of the liquids
I loved the water in you and the water in me, distant
Where you will put your back so that I can draw alongside
Tie myself up to the miracle of amoebic swimmings
To the wave kissed with a full mouth like a lover
The amphibious of your gifts, the froth, the angels' foam
Overcoming the fear of engulfment

Fade away into the embrace
The taste of salts on the clavicles
Kept out of misgiving
Softened by your knowledge to the boundless benevolence of the billows
Stretched to the naked tempo of the tides
I would have liked, I think, to swim in this water.

July 2014