Aphonic Call

The nails of your voice come tearing my sleep apart
Leaving me open, engulfed
the whole day in this dream more substantial than a bedsore
Leaving me open, gaping around these words under their chimerical wave

You call. You say
" It's me! "
Leaving me open, with as one and only answer a strangled silence
Such a stupefaction that the mattress shivers

You call. You say
" It's me! "
Night last thin minutes of insouciance 

Torn to pieces through my intangible ear
Blown up back to the surface of the impossible
No one
" It's me! "
Who I buried with so much difficulty under so much pain

" It's me! "
And I wake up frozen right up to my last entrenchments
Those of my dear nights that tolerate forgetting me
My dear nights, during which forgetting me I forget you.

May 2015